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Child care providers, early years educators and teachers around the world love and use Kinderloop every day to build simple and effective learning journeys, saving time and money doing so, oh, and did we mention having fun? Happy, engaged families love them and so do we!

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We listen to every one of our Educators, taking their feedback on-board to make Kinderloop even better for all, below are some of our key ambassadors, we like to call them Superloopers... thanks guys! You can share your Kinderloop story with us by clicking here.

Alina Dan

Alina has over 17 years experience in early childhood, she is renowned for her inspirational workshop deliveries and her learning approach to 'Documenting More By Writing Less.'

Alina offers the most comprehensive National Quality Framework audit and has helped a number of services across the country achieve 'Exceeding'. Currently, Alina is working with over 3500 services across the country.

Reem M. Alkaabi

Reem is an Emirati advocate of Early Childhood Education and Wellbeing, with former experience of 5 years as a Lead Educator, Supervisor of Planning, & Professional Practice at the Australian International Nursery. She is currently pursuing her masters, and starting an exciting new role as the Head of Children's Programming at the House of Wisdom.

It is beautiful to see how Kinderloop acted as a platform for spreading awareness to parents.

Amanda Anderson

Amanda is the Director of Bulli Community Preschool and has been directing for 2 and a half years. Prior to this she has 8 years experience as an Early Childhood Teacher and has been in the childcare industry for over 18 years.

Amanda recently went through NQS utilising kinderloop to showcase how her centre implemented the NQS and was able to achieve exceeding in all 7 quality areas.

Cheryl Manderson

Cheryl has been a Family Day Care Educator for 8 years with previous experience as Team Leader in the banking industry. In 2013 she was the Regional winner for Family Day Care Educator of the Year

Since discovering Kinderloop I have found an ownership and pride in my documentation that was missing. Kinderloop has provided me with an all in one online program that is fun and easy to use and share with my families who can access during care hours or anytime via the app.

Sarah Shimkunas

Sarah is Care Curator + Chief Auntie at the (r)evolutionary NextKids program at NextSpace Potrero Hill, in beautiful San Francisco, California! She has been in early childhood education since 2000 as a teacher of toddlers and preschoolers, teacher education support staff, curriculum specialist, and preschool director. Her professional affiliations include CAEYC, NAEYC, and RECE.

Jana Ogston

Jana is a former elementary school teacher, and a homeschool mother of two, who runs a Waldorf inspired home daycare/preschool. She blogs at www.HowToRunAHomeDaycare.com This website guides new childcare providers through the first year of opening up a home daycare and also supports experienced caregivers with fresh ideas and inspiration.

Jana loves using Kinderloop to keep her daycare parents connected with the daily adventures of her daycare children.

Jenny Hopkins

Jenny is a Lecturer and teacher at TAFE Illawarra Child and Family Studies section with responsibility for ensuring aspiring Children's services Educators have quality training. She also serves on the board of Big Fat Smile (formerly Illawarra Children's Services); a not for profit community organisation serving children of preschool to school age.

Jenny has a background in developing innovative ways to use technology in Education. Her interests and expertise lie in developing online learning platforms and investigating the benefits of apps for engaging students in their learning.

Justine Poidevin

Justine has worked in the early childhood industry since 1995 and is the Head Teacher of Child & Family Studies at Wollongong TAFE (TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute). She was a recipient of the inaugural NSW Minister's Quality Teaching Award in 2012 and is a mum of three. She designs and delivers online training, develops online teaching tools and blogs for TAFEBytes.

Kobie Connor

Kobie has been the Director of Corrimal Community Preschool for over 7 years and has been a child care educator for over 15. She is our earliest Superlooper and has helped shape Kinderloop from the very beginning. Her key focus is providing a creative curriculum for children utilising technology.

'Kinderloop has made huge changes in the way we communicate with our families and has vastly improved the level of participation of families in the center, we now have fun reporting while saving time!'

Sandra Zito

Sandra has worked in the child care field for over 25 years in a wide variety of environments including supervising licenced child care centres and working with and developing programs for children with special needs. Currently as a registered Early Childhood Educator she runs a home based child care. Having been both the parent dropping off her child at a home day care to being the one caring for other people's children, communication has always been a priority for Sandra and the parents she deals with daily.

Kinderloop provides exactly what a parent loves to see, a quick glimpse at their child's day, a quirky moment or a new learning opportunity they experienced that day. Not only do parents feel like they are still a part of their child's growth and daily activities, but they can expand on these moments at home with their children, by looking at the pictures together or providing them with similar activities in their own home.

Nicole Badcock

Nicole has been in the child care industry for 11 years, directing for 2 years. As an educator I'm a very strong believer of relationship building where secure relationships between educator & child and educator & family are developed, maintained & assured daily.

I enjoy being creative & innovative & I regularly challenge my team with ideas that are 'outside of the norm'. Kinderloop created a safety net for our new families & assured the continuous development of relationships within my service. I think trust is everything in early childhood... Kinderloop guarantees this trust everyday.

Hannah Benitez-Moatt

Hannah is a qualified Early Years Teacher in the UK with experience of working in a variety of settings including Schools, Children's Centres and independent daycare settings as a teacher, trainer and mentor. She is passionate about developing good practice in early years settings and finding innovative ways to involve parents and the wider family in children's care and education.

Jennifer Carsen

Jennifer Carsen is a mom, child care communications specialist, writer, and recovering employment law attorney. Her company, Daycare In Demand, helps child care centers boost their enrollments and hire/retain the very best teachers. She founded Daycare In Demand because she's passionate about helping child care professionals build strong, thriving businesses - it's such important work, and she knows first-hand that excellent child care is a special thing indeed! (Her children both attend a wonderful local center)

Francine DiGiorgio

I am the Local Childcare Consultant for Cultural Care Au Pair in Tampa and surrounding areas, FL. As a parent, I understand the importance of finding quality childcare and how it affects all areas of your life. In addition to the flexibility Cultural Care Au Pairs provide, I enjoy the benefits that come with cultural exchange and look forward to sharing them with other families! I have worked with people from many backgrounds through the years and cannot wait to share my expertise with others.

Bronwyn Sterry

Bronwyn is an Early Childhood Educator and Consultant and has been involved in the childcare industry for over 25 years establishing, directing and administrating licensed centre-based children's services. She has an extensive profile of commitment in the child care industry and has experience in business management, assessment and rating, policy development, administration, staff management, recruitment and teaching. Bronwyn has a comprehensive understanding of the childcare industry; its current focus and is excited to be using Kinderloop as another platform in fostering collaborative partnerships with families.

Jeremy Henderson

Jeremy has been working in the Child Care Industry for the past 10 years. He began as an untrained childcare worker back in 2004 straight after high school. Since then he has studied his Certificate III in Children's Services, Diploma in Children's Services and is 6 months away from becoming an Early Childhood Teacher. He is a big supporter of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and believes children should be able to incorporate the natural environment in their play and routine every day. After working with many different types of programming methods, I have found that Kinderloop gives me and the parents a greater connection throughout the day.

Glenyse Tracey

My first experience with FDC was as a working Mum in 1991, twenty years later I've completed my diploma and there have been huge changes but I'm still loving my job as an educator with Macquarie Valley FDC. I am passionate about promoting Family Day Care and I believe that strong relationships with families is paramount in all early childhood settings. Trying to balance family life and the paperwork associated with FDC is an ongoing battle for many educators. Discovering kinderloop reignited my passion for my job. I'm no longer struggling to stay on top of documentation and the parent response has been overwhelming.

Michelle Bartlett

Michelle has worked in the early childhood industry for over thirty years. For the past 18 of those years Michelle has co-ordinated Greythorn Early Childhood Centre. Michelle has worked in both the private sector and in a variety of community and council managed services. Michelle is a strong advocate for the introduction of innovative and progressive ideas for early childhood, and a keen supporter of continuing professional development for staff. She has been an active member of the industry to ensure that the community sector continues to grow.

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