Save time reporting, create YOUR own private Kinderloop

Record a child's development by quickly posting news, photos and reminders to YOUR private Kinderloop, only linked parents are updated, all in real time.

A simple, fun and private way to capture a child's development

  • Happy educators, engaged parents
    Create strong partnerships between you and the family of the children in your care.
  • No computer skills required
    Send secure updates to linked families straight from the classroom via mobile devices.
  • Save your precious time and resources
    Document more by writing less for each child in your care, access at any time.
  • Educators, get started for free
Kinderloop screenshots
Kinderloop screenshots

Your Kinderloop is a closed loop; safe, secure & private.

  • Password protected
    Your Kinderloop is password protected, and only accessible by you, your staff and invited parents.
  • Personalized parent feeds
    Linked family members will only be sent information relating to their children.
  • Your information is safe
    Your Kinderloop content is owned by you and backed up hourly. Your information is never shared, anywhere.

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