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A simple, fun and private way to share a child's development

  • Engaged families, happy educators
    Create strong partnerships between staff & families with the help of your own private learning loop.
  • Designed to be mobile with free apps
    Secure updates to families in real time via computer or mobile device.
  • Document more by writing less
    Easily create and link learning outcomes to further families understanding of their child's development.
  • Save your precious time and resources
    Create and share group observations to multiple families without using paper or printers. No more time away from the children.
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Kinderloop screenshots
Kinderloop screenshots

Your Kinderloop is a safe, secure and private communication tool

  • Password protected
    Your Kinderloop is a closed and private loop and only viewed by the people you invite.
  • Personalised parent feeds
    Linked family members are only sent information relating to their child/ren.
  • Your information is safe & secure
    Your Kinderloop content is owned by you and backed up hourly, it's never shared, anywhere!

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